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5 Footwear Tips for Thru Hikers and Overnight Backpackers


Good shoes are important even when going out for a short hike, but there's even less room for error in footwear when you're about to embark on a thru hike or other long, overnight backpacking adventure. The wrong shoes can leave you sidelined with blisters and injuries after just a few days on the trail.

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Boot Features Ideal for Working Around Liquids


Workers may be surrounded by a number of liquids at many different job sites, such as sewage plants, food and drink companies, or large manufacturing factories. If you get your feet wet during a workday from surrounding liquids, you could feel discomfort or pain or possibly develop foot problems like trench foot, depending on the type of liquid and temperature. So you should protect your feet with proper work boots.

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Foot Care Tips for Factory Workers


Factory jobs require you to spend long hours on your feet, and much of this time may be spent standing on hard surfaces such as concrete. Over time, the stress of standing for prolonged periods combined with exposure to workplace hazards place you at risk for serious foot problems.

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