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Foot Care Tips for Factory Workers

man walking with a pair of shoe
Factory jobs require you to spend long hours on your feet, and much of this time may be spent standing on hard surfaces such as concrete. Over time, the stress of standing for prolonged periods combined with exposure to workplace hazards place you at risk for serious foot problems.
While many factory workers suffer from issues such as fungal infections, strained ligaments, and painful joints, the good news is that proper foot care goes a long way toward keeping your feet in top condition. Use these foot care tips to make sure that your factory job does not leave you with long-term problems.

Recognize Signs of Common Foot Problems

Prompt action is always best for giving you the best chances of avoiding a major foot issue. Watch out for these signs of a developing issue with your feet:
  • Frequent fungal infections
  • Heal or toe pain
  • Swelling at the end of the day
  • Clicking or popping from your joints
  • Callouses or bunions
When you notice symptoms of a developing issue, be sure to get it checked out. Often, simple changes such as switching to a better fitting work boot are all it takes to get yourself back to better health.

Use Caution in Wet Environments

Slip-and-fall accidents are also an issue in factories. Always keep an eye out for spills and make the appropriate arrangements to get them cleaned up promptly. If you must walk on wet floors regularly, then you should also choose footwear with nonskid soles. These have additional traction that prevents you from slipping.

Practice Proper Posture

Whether you work on an assembly line or perform mechanical duties in a factory, it is likely that you will be on your feet for the majority of the day. Over time, standing with poor posture puts large amounts of strain on the wrong areas of your feet that leads to pain along with foot issues such as bunions.
Learn how to perform your duties using the proper posture. Depending on your foot shape and body alignment, you may also find it helpful to wear orthotic inserts in your shoe that help distribute your weight correctly. For instance, arch supports worn in your shoe can help alleviate the strain that occurs when you have flat feet.

Watch Out for Falling Objects

Most factories are filled with objects that are stored in high spaces that pose a risk for falling. While many factory workers wear helmets in storage areas, you should also be sure to protect your feet. Steel toe boots are the ideal safety footwear for protecting you from broken bones in your feet if something should fall.

Prevent Foot Punctures

In a factory that is full of metal parts and tools, there is always the possibility of stepping on a sharp object. Unfortunately, puncture wounds in your foot can turn serious quickly if you develop an infection or pierce a critical ligament. Choose work shoes with solid soles that are resistant to punctures.

Counteract Pressure From Hard Flooring

The inside of your shoe is just as important as the outside when it comes to protecting your feet from the stresses incurred on a factory job. For positions where you stand on concrete or other hard surfaces for long periods of time, make sure to wear a shoe that includes high-tech cushioning on the inside.

Give Your Feet Breathing Time

Moisture-wicking footwear helps to keep your feet dry at work, but you should take this one step further by removing your boots once you get home. By doing so, you prevent fungal infections and have an opportunity to inspect your feet for signs of developing issues that need to be addressed.
At Workshoe Outlet, we have a variety of work boots that are designed to prevent the common problems that may occur with your feet during your time working in a factory. Contact us to find the perfect shoe for your needs today.